Welcome to Asel Beauty College

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Asel Beauty College, approved by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (bppe.ca.gov). We are focused upon career training for a student’s successful professional future. We offer course that address the occupational needs of the industry, utilize modern equipment, and employ a caring staff of professionals. Asel Beauty College maintains a long-term commitment to its students. The relationship between the College and its students begins with the introductions of intensive career classes, which continues throughout the program and beyond graduation with job placement assistance.


Christopher J. Lee

Asel Beauty College is wholly owned and operated by ASEL BEAUTY COLLEGE, INC, which is owned by CHRISTOPHER J. LEE

Mission Statement

It is our mission to prepare our students to become successful members of the cosmetology, Esthetician, manicuring, professions, and successfully pass the State Board Examination.

College Objectives

Our primary objective at Asel Beauty College is to offer each of our students with high quality teaching and training so that they may be prepared to successfully pass the state board examination and become a successful professional in the cosmetology industry. In order to fulfill our objective, we not only teach the techniques and artistry of cosmetology; we also teach poise, charm, self-reliance, business practices, and personal hygiene. We continually survey the profession to keep abreast of current trends, designs and techniques required by employers. Teachers give “individual” as well as “class” instruction. This combination helps serious students realize their goals.

Statement of Non Discrimination

graduation2Asel Beauty College is firmly committed to providing educational programs to otherwise eligible students regardless of age, race or color, creed, ethnic origin, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or medical condition, except under special circumstances that would constitute either an occupational limitation or a limitation in participation in the program offered.

Instructional Facilities

Asel Beauty College is located at 9240 Garden Grove Blvd. #10, Garden Grove, CA, The City of Garden Grove is the hearth of Orange County, located approximately 15 miles south-east of Santa Ana, CA. The School is readily accessible by the 5/91/57 FWYS and is accessible from the many surrounding areas. Classrooms for each program of study at Asel Beauty College contain equipment and supplies sufficient to meet the needs of the course of the students.

Asel Beauty College is a well-designed building that assimilates the salon environment for the sole purpose of beauty education; equipped with the most modern visual and teaching aids, possessing the type of professional beauty equipment in keeping with top salons in America.

ASEL BEAUTY COLLEGE is a spacious (3544 sq. ft.) air-conditioned, modern, facility with many benefits for our staff and students and close to all public transportation. Our school simulates salon conditions to help our students “learn-by-doing”, with modern equipment and a variety of supplies that help enhance the student’s product knowledge . A student lounge is provided for the students’ use with facilities, eating and rest areas. Each student uses a locker to keep his/her uniform and private articles. Our students learn to practice managing the reception desk, logging patrons in, answering the telephone and operating the cash register. Our students learn inventory control and assist in operating our supply system. Our objective is to help our students pass the licensing exam and become “salon-ready” .

The building is equipped with heating and air conditioning systems, well lit and furnished in a highly professional manner.¬†It is free from distracting noises. Entrances and exits are located so that the building can be cleared quickly and safely in an emergency . The school’s premises are wheelchair accessible (i.e., doorways, restrooms, ramps) . There are several restaurants located less than one half block away from the College, in the same shopping center and across of it.

Housing Information: We do not offer nor we recommend students for any dormitory or room and board assistance. There are several apartment units and/or houses near our school (within 1.5 miles) that facilitates the attendance to our Institution. Rents ranges between $799 – 2000 per month, based on occupancy. (Information for CCR 71810(b)(13) and 07181O(b)(6).

School Calendar
Classes begin EVERY TUESDAY for all classes.

Hours of Operation
Tuesday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.


Asel Beauty College observes the following holidays during which the school is closed:
” New Year’s Day
” President’s Day
” Memorial Day
” Independence Day
” Labor Day
” Thanksgiving Break
” Christmas break
A “special” holiday may be declared for emergencies or special reasons.

Pre-Enrollment Information and General Rules

Each prospective student receives a copy of school catalog and School Performance Fact Sheet before enrollment. The School Performance Fact Sheet contains the recent Completion rates, Placement rates, License examination passage rates and salary or wage information. Although general rules are reviewed during orientation, students are individually responsible for knowledge of all College rules and regulations including student conduct, attendance, make-up work, termination, refund policy etc. published in this catalog or communicated by the administration via written notices. Students must be aware that criteria for admission and/or graduation may differ depending upon the individual program. Some programs demand more stringent requirements than others. For more detailed information, contact the respective department. Each student receives a syllabus when class starts. The syllabus contains methods and practices used in each of the academic departments in order to facilitate the students’ learning process.


Asel Beauty College does not have a pending petition in bankruptcy, is not operating as a debtor in possession, has never filed a petition within the preceding five years, or never had a petition in bankruptcy filed against it within the preceding five years that resulted in reorganization under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code (11 U.S.C. Sec. 1101 et seq.).

Health Considerations

Generally, the professional in the beauty field must be in good physical health for he/she will be working in direct contact with patrons. In most aspects of the beauty culture field there is a great deal of standing, walking, pushing, bending and stretching, and sometimes for long periods of time. A person must consider his/her physical limitations in terms of making a career choice that involves extensive training. We promote the acceptance of students with physical limitations or disabilities if these students believe they can fulfill training demands.

Equipment for Each Program of Study

The instructional classrooms for the Cosmetologist contain equipment designed to assist the student learning to become an integral member for the business world. Equipment includes: Dermal lights for giving instruction in skin care and electrical facials , mannequins, time clocks, shampoo bowls, dryers, facial chairs/couches , manicure stations, electrical cap and thermal hair straighteners, etc. The reference library consists of appropriate texts and reference books to assist in each program of study.

Courses of Study

Cosmetology (1,600 Clock Hours)

The course of study for students enrolled in Cosmetology course shall consist of sixteen hundred (1,600) clock hours of the state mandated instruction in hair cutting and styling, manicuring, pedicuring, facial treatments, shampooing, chemical applications, esthetics, shop management, sanitation and safety, customer service, and applicable professional and labor laws and regulations. Educational Goals: The Cosmetology course of study is designed to prepare students to cut, trim, and style scalp, facial, and body hair; apply cosmetic preparations; perform manicures and pedicures; massage the head and extremities; and prepare for practice as licensed cosmetologists in specialized or full-service salons (CIP Code 12.0401, SOC Code 39-5012).

Esthetician (600 Clock Hours)

hairnail1The course of study for students enrolled in Esthetician course shall consist of six hundred (600) clock hours of the state mandated instruction in skin anatomy, physiology, and health; principles of nutrition; decontamination and infection control; health and safety; facial and body massage; body wrapping and spa treatments; temporary hair removal including waxing and tweezing; color and skin analysis; client consultation and care; applicable laws and regulations; business practices; and sometimes related alternative healing regimens. Educational Goals: The Skin Care course of study is designed to prepare students to cleanse, depilate, massage, and beautify the human body and to function as licensed estheticians and skin care specialists (CIP code 12.0409, SOC Code 39-5094).

Manicurist (400 Clock Hours)

The course of study for students enrolled in Manicuring course shall consist of the four hundred (400) clock hours of the state mandated instruction in manicuring theory; skin anatomy; nail growth, irregularities, and diseases; sterilization and sanitation; equipment and table maintenance; cuticle, blemish, and rough skin removal; nail filing, shaping, and polishing; cream application and extremity massage; nail sculpture and design art; product storage and use; customer service; laws and regulations; and business practices. Educational Goals: The course of study is designed to prepare students to shape fingernails and toenails, remove unwanted skin and blemishes, apply polish and cosmetics to nails, and function as licensed manicurists or nail technicians/specialists (CIP code 12.0410, SOC Code 39-5092).